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Driver's License in Wuhan

Be aware that driving in Wuhan can be very different than driving in your home country. You may want to spend some time traveling as a passenger to become accustomed to the local traffic rules before driving yourself. Also, please check with your company to confirm you are allowed by company policy to driver yourself. Many companies have rules against their foreign assignees driving.

Prior to applying for your driver’s license, it is necessary to complete the application form (you may need assistance as it is in Chinese) and then have your home country driver’s license and international driver’s license translated at the licensed translation company or translator center.

The following certificates (original and copy) are required:
1. Home country driver’s license
2. International driver’s license, if available
3. Working permit
4. Residence permit, if any
5. Passport

While no appointments are necessary, there are a number of processes involved at the Wuhan Vehicle Management Section. We recommend bringing a consultant or friend that can write in Chinese on the applications:
1. Home Country Driver’s License/International Driver’s License, all of certificate documents to be checked
2. Take Photo
3. Medical Exam
4. Computer Exam
5. Collect New Driver’s License

Wuhan Vehicle Management Section
No.2 Youyi Lu, Wuhan
Tel: +86-27-85414444
Open: Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 11 am, 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

The driver’s license is valid for driving in all cities in mainland China. The cost is approximately RMB 200. Most licenses are required to be renewed each year (with renewal application made three months prior to expiry); however, a “C” license only needs renewal every six years.