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Hygiene in Wuhan

Water: Tap water is not good for drinking and few of the expatriate compounds have built-in water filters. Generally, most people have water coolers or water dispensers, which are available from hypermarkets and department stores. You can arrange for regular deliveries of five-gallon-size bottles to your home. Please check with the management of compounds. Most popular brands of water are Watson’s, Nestlé, Waterman, Sparkling, etc.; prices are from RMB 20 to RMB 30 per five-gallon jug.

Cleanliness: Prevention is the best medicine. Be careful of hygiene. Wash your hands before meals. Toilets can sometimes be primitive and the Chinese still believe squat toilets are more hygienic than the sit-down type. Carry your own moist towels and tissues. Toilets in tourist hotels are usually the cleanest and the best.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruit: Fresh vegetable and fruit stalls abound on the streets of Wuhan. Wash all vegetables and fruit in bottled water and always peel when possible. For salad vegetables soak in a solution of bottled water and salt before rinsing in bottled water. Salad vegetables can also be purchased from Carrefour, City Shopper and The Pines.

Fresh Meats: Wet markets sell un-refrigerated meats and fish, which can be questionable. Local poultry and meat is not always inspected so it is advisable to rinse them with bottled or boilded water. Meat purchased in expatriate grocery stores is usually a better purchase. Meat imported from New Zealand, the USA and Austrilia is also available from expatriate grocery stores.

Cooking: It is recommended to eat fish and meats that are well-cooked. When cooking yourself it is advisable to cook in bottled water.