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Wuchang Railway Station

Wuchang Railway Station was built in 1916. It was located in Zhongshan Road, Wuchang Distract, Wuhan. It is the intersection of Beijing-Guangzhou railway and Wu-Jiu Railway. The new Wuchang station opened On December 19, 2007. New station can accommodate about 8,000 people towait for the train.
Wuchang Station is a 3 floor building. The 1st floor is used for Exit , Groups of Passengers Entrance and Baggage Counter; and the 2nd floor is used for Public Waiting Area 1-2, as well as the four Special Waiting Areas; The 3rd floor is used for Public Waiting Area 3-8.
The Square in front of the station is equipped with 333 parking spaces, two subway entrances and 23 bus lines so that it is very convenient for the passengers to access and transfer.
Therer are local train as well as high-speed MU trains going trough Wuchang railway station.

Passengers can take Bus 540 from Wuchang Railway Station to Wuhan Railway Station. The time period of the journey is about 1.5 hour and the fare is 2 yuan. The bus operating time is from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. The departure interval is about 10 minutes.

Passenger also can take Wuhan Metro Line 4 (Wuhan Railway Station -- Wuchang Railway Station)

There are many buses Routes between Wuchang Railway Station and Hankou Railway Station, among which, 10 Road bus is the fastest one . It takes about an hour and the fare is 2 yuan.

Passengers walk from Wuchang Railway Station to Hongji Passenger StationĀ  for about four hundred meters, then take Airport Line 1 to Wuhan Tianhe Airport.. The operating mileage is about 35 km, it takes about 90 minutes. The interval of the airport buses is an hour, the operation time is from8:15 am to 8:15 pm.

Address: Zhongshan Road, Wuchang district, Wuhan
Phone: +86 27-65650666
Transport: bus 66, 540, 570, 706, 903 or Metro line 4