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Wuhan Railway Station

Wuhan Railway Station as a high-speed rail station, is the start station of Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, which is part of Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail a,nd the stop station of Huhanrong high-speed railway under construction. It mainly operates high-speed rail trains and MU trains. As one of the three major train stations in Wuhan, Wuhan Railway Station have 11 platforms and its total construction area is 355,000 square meters. The station is a beautiful train station with one basement and 4 floors followed by underground parking lot, ground floor of the station, platform layer, waiting layer, business services supporting layer. The construction of Wuhan Railway Station was opened on December 26, 2009 with Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail open to traffic.Also there are some normal trains to Zhengzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, xiangfan, Yichang, Chongqing.

All bus routes and operating time to Wuhan Railway Station:
Bus 234 : the Great Liberation crossing in the Front Dijiao Street - Wuhan station                               
Bus 525: Qunli Village - Wuhan station
Bus 540: the East Square of Wuchang Railway Station - Wuhan station. The time of the journey is about 1 hour. The operating time of the bus is from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. The departure interval is about 10 minutes.
Bus 551: the Pacific Bus Parking Lot - Wuhan station
Bus 610: Hankou station - Wuhan station. If no traffic jams, it takes about 70 minutes.
Bus 643: The Guanggu Square in Lumo - Wuhan station
Bus 108: Wangjia Alley in Minquan Road - Wuhan station
Bus 513: The Guanggu Square in Lumo Road - Wuhan station
Bus 297: the north of Hankou- Wuhan station
Subway: Wuhan Metro Line 4 (Wuhan Railway Station -- Wuchang Railway Station)

Address: East of yangchun lake, qingshan district, Wuhan
Phone: 027-88068888
Get there: Bus 108, 234, 525, 610 or Metro line 4 or Airport shuttle bus