Wuhan-China : Attractions

East Lake

East Lake is one the the most spots is in Wuhan. It have the 87 square kilmoeters water area with winding banks and willow trees. It is the biggest lake inside one city in China. Because of its crisscrossing ponds, winding banks and brooks, it has the name of “a lake with 99 bays”. And it also have the reputation of “the lake looks like sea, the sea seems as the lake”. It can be divided into five scenic spots. Currently, Tingtao (listening to the waves) Pavillion, the Moshan (traditional Chinese grinder-shaped) Hill, Chuidi (playing banboo flute) Hill and Luoyan (wild geese landing) Island scenic spots are open to the public with over 100 sceneries. Among these scenic areas, Millstone Hill (Moshan) is the most attractive. Moshan is with flowers blooming all the year round-orchids in spring, lotus in summer, osmanthus in autumn, and plum blossoms in winter.

Address: No.1 Cuiliu Village (cuì liǔ cūn 翠柳村), Wuchang, Wuhan
Fare: The price (from free to RMB 60) of the tickets varies from the different scenic spots in East Lake Scenic Area.
Opening time:7:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.
Route: Bus No. 14, 63, 102, 501,605, 701, or No.1 tour bus.