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Welcome to Wuhan China

Wuhan (Simplified Chinese: 武汉; Traditional Chinese: 武漢; pinyin: Wǔhàn) is the capital of Hubei province, and the political, economic, technological, educational and cultural center is in central China.

Wuhan is located in the intersection of the China's largest river Yangtze River and its largest tributaroy of Han River. Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang are three towns of Wuhan divided by the two rivers. Wuhan is known as the "100 Lake City" and has China's largest city lake - East Lake. The city water area occupied a quarter of the total urban area.


(East Lake Senic View)

Wuhan is China's historical and cultural city and is one of China Excellent Tourism Cities. Wuhan has 3,500 years history and played an important role in the culture of the Yangtze River - the Chu culture. Wuhan is China's outstanding tourist city with the famous Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum, Guiyuan Temple and other attractions, such as Mulan shan and Mulan Lake, East lake, Longyang scenic lake, Tianxingzhou Panlongcheng, Daoguanhe, Silver Lake, Ma'anshan Forest Park, Northwest Lake Square, Hongshan Square and Uprising Square etc. And Wuhan has some big shopping areas such as Hanzhen Street, Janghan Road, and Han Street etc.

Wuhan is the transpotation hub of six provinces and one of the four major railway hubs in China. Wuhan is also one center of China's high-speed railway network. Wuhan is an important port in Yangtze River and therefore the gateway to the Yangtze River Three Gorges tourism. Wuhan also have advanced public transpotation system with new metro system and comprehensive bus sytem.

Big River, Big Lake and Big Wuhan! Welcome to Wuhan!

Quick facts:

Country: People's Republic of China
Aera: 8406 KM2
Population: Approx. 11 million
Time Zone: UTC+8;
Area Code: +86 27
Languages spoken: Chinese
Area Code: 430000
Local voltage: 220 volts, 50 cycles
Location: Wuhan is located in central China.
Airport: Tianhe Airport